Scribe into EMR

BVUscribe is an efficient, accurate and cost effective turnkey next-morning transcription service that directly populates your dictated notes into your EMR. The best solution is a combination of structured data and dictated notes integrated within an EMR, with physicians having the ability to choose their preferred mode of documentation.

Providers simply dictate their dictation using toll-free phone line or using digital recorder and send it for transcription. All the dictation is transcribed into provider pre-approved EMR template and entered into the EMR system by next-morning, provided we have access to EMR system. BVUscribe currently support all major EMR systems. BVUscribe charges only for information transcribe into EMR.

Advantages of Transcription:

  • Dictation remains the most intuitive and least time-consuming means of data entry. In EMR, templates must be customized as per the physician’s requirement. Customization can be inflexible and costly.
  • Providers need not change the way they practice just to accommodate an EMR. We will interact with EMR so that transcriptions can be attached directly into the patient electronic medical record.
  • Provides expressive power to describe patient condition and other health related events. In EMR, Output from these templates is too canned and identical. It loses individuality for each patient. It is difficult for a provider to capture complete patient encounter on computer in front of a patient.
  • Although average transcribed report costs $2 to $4, it can reduce the doctor’s time spent on data entry. Considering the value of doctor’s time, transcription is not a costly proposition. We don’t charge for the information already a part of the EMR records. E.g. Use of template for review of system, physical examination, vital signs, allergies and medication already entered in the EMR while seeing the patients. This will reduce the cost further down, while maintaining the integrity of report.
  • When the templates are not maintained with in the EMR, it brings down the level of service means lower reimbursement. With the use of EMR and traditional transcription service you can maintain the level of service.
  • With the use of EMR and traditional transcription service, physician’s office can submit the meaningful use of EMR report and get the Medicare incentive payments.

We are currently working with eClinicalWorks, ChartLogic, Allscripts, Practice Fusion, GE Centricity and MTS etc.