Template-based Transcription (TbT)

With patient volumes increasing and reimbursement rates declining, the Template-based Transcription (TbT) will give you more time for your patients, saves you money and provide you professional medical reports.

This process enhances your convenience by increasing chart accuracy and minimizing dictation time and overall cost. We will initially customize a template. This enables you to dictate changes to the template. As a result you will be charged only for the information entered in the template.

With TbT, physicians provide their standard templates with normal values. E.g. Procedure Notes, Injection Notes. Physician don’t have to change their usual method of working. With combination of both, it will increase the physician’s productivity and reduce the cost of transcribed note. Physician can simply dictate the changes to the template and we take care of the rest.

Following is a sample template for ankle injection:

Name: DOE, JOHN E. Date of Birth: 06/19/64 Chart #99999
Date of Service: 07/12/1955



PRE-OP DIAGNOSIS: Left ankle pain.

POST-OP DIAGNOSIS: Left ankle pain.

PROCEDURE: Left ankle injection and arthrography.




PROCEDURE NOTE: Mr. Doe was seen in the clinic. After obtaining a written consent and preop vital signs, he ambulated to the procedure room and was placed in supine position. Left anterior ankle skin was prepped with ChloraPrep then aseptically draped. Using 25-gauge 1-1/2-inch needle, fluoroscopy guidance and procedure kit; left ankle joint was reached. Needle tip placement was confirmed under fluoroscope with Omnipaque dye. Left ankle joint was injected with 80 mg of Kenalog and 4 cc 2% Lidocaine after negative aspiration. He tolerated the procedure well. His vital signs were stable before and after the procedure. Left ankle arthrography obtained and reviewed prior to Kenalog injection. There was no unusual dye spread noted.
Mary Smith, M.D.